specialist seafood exporters and traders

intersea limited - today

The business, as you would expect, has changed over the 35 years of its existence but one thing remains, a determination to serve the interests of both our loyal suppliers and our highly valued international clients.

Today’s focus is on sourcing not only the highest quality seafood (from New Zealand and around the globe) at competitive prices but an outstanding ‘back room’ service of shipping, logistics and documentation, taking advantage of the latest technology, that set intersea apart from the rest.

Whilst being specialists in a range of semi-processed frozen at sea species, as per our products, we also supply key clients with a range of breaded and battered fish portions both for retail and food service.

Our specialty markets remain Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Korea, South Africa, East and West Africa, The Mediterranean, The Balkans, Peru, Chile, Argentina, UK, Europe and Eastern Europe. Realising that we cannot be all things to all people, we determined some years ago that we ought to concentrate our efforts on meeting the expectations of our long term business partners and growing our business together. And this is what we do so well today.

Alan Montague joined the company in May 2015, bringing a wealth of experience of exporting NZ primary produce. His knowledge of exporting meat, wool, pelts and produce and for the last 31 years of trading seafood for Amalgamated Marketing will be a useful and valuable tool for sourcing your seafood requirements from New Zealand and beyond. Alan has brought with him a loyal customer base who are testimony to his honesty and integrity. He looks forward to sourcing, inspecting and delivering all of your seafood needs.