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Scampi (Metanephrops Challengeri)

Scampi belong to the Nephropidae family. They are whitish or pinkish with dark orange stripes at the body and limb joints. The rostrum is long and curves upward with strong spines.

Scampi Fishery

Scampi are found all around New Zealand at depths of 200 to 750 metres and are caught using specialised deepwater trawls.

New Zealand's Scampi fishery is managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount of Scampi to be taken commercially each year. This Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) was set at 1,291 metric tonnes for the 2009/10 fishing year.

Scampi Meat Quality

Scampi have white flesh which is medium to firm.

New Zealand:  Scampi, New Zealand Scampi
The Netherlands:  Staarten van langoestine
France:  Langoustine
Germany:  Kaisergranat
Greece:  Karavida
Italy:  Scampo, Scampi
Japan:  Akaza-ebi
Spain:  Cigala, Maganto