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Rough Skate (Dipturus nasutus)


Brown body above with numerous small dark and light spots and white below. The species has rough skin and a relatively broad tail with three rows of conical spines.

Rough Skate are members of the Rajidae family (skates). They are common in coastal waters, often to depths of about 200 metres. They occur at lesser depths further south. The females lay horny egg cases on the seabed.

The species is caught as a by-catch by coastal trawlers throughout the year often in conjunction with the related Smooth Skate (D.innominata). The fins are skinned and marketed as wings.

New Zealand:  Rough Skate
The Netherlands:  Rog, Vleet, Schate
France:  Raies
Germany:  Rochen
Greece:  Selachi
Japan:  Suei, Gangiei
Korea:  Gaori
Spain:  Raya