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Red Cod (Pseudophycis bachus)

Red Cod are members of the Moridae family. They are red-brown above, becoming pink on the sides and belly. The vivid colour fades to a greyish pink when first captured. The scales are soft and easily removed, and the skin is slimy.

Red Cod (Pseudophycis bachus) is the main species caught while Southern Bastard Cod (P. barbata) and Northern Bastard Cod (P. breviuscula) are also caught in small numbers.

Red Cod Fishery

Red Cod are found throughout New Zealand seas, more commonly in southern waters at depths of 100 to 300 metres, occasionally as deep as 700 metres.

The catch is seasonal, from November to May/June, peaking in January and May. In spring and summer, Red Cod are caught inshore before they move to deeper waters in winter. They are caught mainly in the Canterbury Bight and off Westland by trawling.

New Zealand's Red Cod fishery is managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount of Red Cod to be taken commercially each year. This Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) was set at 8,278 metric tonnes for the 2009/10 fishing year.

Red Cod Meat Quality

Red Cod fillets are delicate and flake easily when cooked. They are often smoked.

New Zealand:  Red Cod, Akaroa Cod, New Zealand Cod
France:  Moride rouge
Germany:  Rot Dorsch, Roter Kabeljau
Italy:  Merluzzo Bianco de Nuova Zelanda
Japan:  Akadara, Benidara
Korea:  Hong daegu
Spain:  Bacalao de Nueva Zelanda