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Giant Stargazer (Kathetostoma giganteum)


Mottled olive green/brown body above and white below with an elongated and flattened body and a prominent bony head with eyes that look upwards. A strong spine projects from each side behind the pectoral fin base. There are no scales.

Giant Stargazer belongs to the Uranoscopidae family (armourhead stargazers).

Giant Stargazer is widespread in New Zealand coastal waters and more common around the southern part of the South Island at depths between 50 metres and 500 metres off the continental shelf. They bury themselves in soft sediment and prey on passing fish and crustaceans.

They are caught all year by trawling, principally around the South Island.

Spotted and Brown Stargazers are related species in this family. Spotted Stargazer (Genyagnus monopterygius) is green-brown to grey above and cream to pinkish-white or yellow below and is covered with large creamy-white oval spots. Brown Stargazer (Gnathagnus innotabilis) is dark brown above and paler on the sides and below and averages 30 to 40 centimetres in length.

New Zealand:  Monkfish, Giant Stargazer, Bulldog, Stargazer
Australia:  Stargazer
The Netherlands:  Sterrenkijker
France:  Uranoscope
Germany:  Sterngucker
Greece:  Lychnos
Italy:  Pesce prete
Japan:  Miishimaokoze
Korea:  Tong gu mi
Spain:  Rata, Pez fraile