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Blue Warehou (Seriolella Brama)

Blue Warehou are members of the Centrolophidae family. Blue Warehou are dark bluish-green above, somewhat iridescent, with a silvery white underside, small dark head, and a blackish spot by the pectoral fin. Blue Warehou have a deep, plump body, and a long pointed pectoral fin that reaches back to the start of the anal fin.

Blue Warehou Fishery

The main fishing grounds for Blue Warehou are in Cook Strait and off the west coast of the South Island to depths of about 400 metres. Blue Warehou are caught throughout the year, mainly by trawl but sometimes by coastal set nets.

New Zealand's Blue Warehou fishery is managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount of Blue Warehou to be taken commercially each year. This Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) was set at 4,512 metric tonnes for the 2009/10 fishing year.

Blue Warehou Meat Quality

Blue Warehou have medium-textured flesh with a medium to low oil content and are best cooked by moist heat methods. They are ideal in strong-flavoured dishes such as a curry.

New Zealand:  Blue Warehou, Common Warehou, Warehou
Japan:  Okihirasu, Medai
Korea:  Saes dom