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Blue Mackerel (Scomber australasicus)


Mid to dark blue-green back with an iridescent sheen and a distinctive pattern or dark wavy lines. The head and sides are silver-white, and there is a series of bars and dots along the side. Blue Mackerel have a tuna shape (a rounded body tapering from second dorsal fin to the tail). The head is small with large eyes, and the fins fold back into grooves creating a streamlined appearance.

Blue Mackerel are a schooling pelagic fish belonging to the Scombridae family (tunas and mackerels) and capable of extensive migrations. They are often found with schools of Jack Mackerel and Kahawai, where they swim under these species.

Spawning occurs in summer, particularly in the Bay of Plenty, outer Hauraki Gulf, and off Northland. The juvenile and immature Blue Mackerel are more northerly in their distribution. The species grows quickly.

They are caught all year in coastal waters off the North Island and the northern South Island, often by purse seine.

New Zealand:  Blue Mackerel, Pacific Mackerel, Southern Mackerel, English Mackerel
Canada:  Maquereau
The Netherlands:  Makreel
France:  Maquereau
Germany:  Mittelmeer-Makrele
Greece:  Scoumbri
Italy:  Maccerello, Sgombro
Japan:  Saba
Korea:  Godung Eo
Spain:  Caballa