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Alfonsino (Beryx splendens)


Brilliant red upper body with sides a lighter shade of red tinged with silver. The fins and tail are also brilliant red. Alfonsino have a fairly slender body, large eyes, and a deeply forked tail.

Alfonsino belong to the 'Berycidae family (alfonsinos). They are red fish that inhabit deep offshore reefs. They are found around the North Island and the northern part of the South Island over rough ground or near reefs at depths between 200 and 800 metres. This species is not abundant. During the day, they appear to school near the seabed, dispersing upwards to feed on plankton at dusk.

Alfonsino have a maximum recorded age of 17 years. Females grow faster than males. Spawning grounds are not known but may be in tropical waters to the north. They are caught year-round by mid-water trawling off the east coast of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. The main target fishery is off the lower east coast of the North Island.

New Zealand:  Alfonsino
The Netherlands:  Roodbars
France:  Beryx
Germany:  Sudlicher Kaiserbarsch
Italy:  Berice Rosso
Japan:  Kinmedai, Kinme
Korea:  Gum noon dom
United Kingdom:  Goldeneye Perch, Lowes Beryx